Christopher Barnett

christopher barnett 4i reminded the interviewer that the poetry of the oppressed had been my real teacher & why, even sick i remain committed to working in those communities. it is those who are close to the margins who really teach the function of language, in all its forms & in all its spheres, from the brutal to the abstract – how polyphony & discontinuity connected runs like like the tigris & euphrates, through it. it is this community who took me back to childhood, not in any psychoanalytic way but in a fundamental way to the imagery of my troubled, troubled childhood, prelanguage, what images remained & so it was little surprise to see these images reappear when i did a close reading of the preislamic poets before beginning to write the ‘improvisation for the memorial to the abolition to slavery’… more

christophe barnett 1without even mentioning the most criminal act of developers/legislators – the intervention/land grab in aboriginal australia. australians ought to be ashamed of themselves, i am here, whenever the question is brought up – how people can live with that shame is beyond me, how journalists become complicit is in & of itself, a crime… more

christopher barnett 2they are less than beasts, beasts feel, you can look in any beasts eyes & see yourself, in the elites eyes, you see nothing except soldiers watching others run towards the pit. fuck them now & forever… more

christophe barnett 1english has been so debased & degraded since the illegal & immoral mass murder of vietnamese, this situation with language exacerbated sharply since the iran contra hearings where the synthesis of all elites, political, cultural & economic in a full partnership with all media, assassinated my mother tongue, transformed into the language of murderers… more