Autonomedia 4The question of demands infused the initial weeks and months of Occupy Wall Street with the endless opening of desire. Nearly unbearable, the absence of demands concentrated interest, fear, expectation, and hope in the movement. What did they want? What could they want? … more


christopher barnett 4asked in an interview about my relation with poetry of the english language. i replied very quickly, none

not now, or of my time or even of the last century. dylan thomas & hart crane, ed dorn but very little else & these three are very singular poets other than that william blake but he is beyond language, any language, dead or living. milton i love for his fanaticism… more


christopher barnett 2 surely my sicknesses do not help but i feel an absolute physical repulsion at the elites & their minions & their debile opinions that are not worth the breath wasted in saying them – they lack not only vision but also dreams they possess no symbolic order within them, they replace it with a false spirituality & the rotting catholic church is the perfect ruin to house what is inside the – nightmares & hallucinations… more

christophe barnett 1in an interview, i have said that my task, in relation to my mother language, english; was & is not dissimilar to that of paul celan to the german language paul celan, was at once trying to birth a language cleansed of the tongue of murderers, & to, precisely, annihilate the possibility of that language being murderous again – this was most probably a futile task but it was the only real path…more