Christopher Barnett 21 October 2013

christopher barnett 2

surely my sicknesses do not help but i feel an absolute physical repulsion at the elites & their minions & their debile opinions that are not worth the breath wasted in saying them – they lack not only vision but also dreams.

they possess no symbolic order within them, they replace it with a false spirituality & the rotting catholic church is the perfect ruin to house what is inside the – nightmares & hallucinations.

they are not capable of policy, they are not capable of reacting. they feel no empathy for anything other than the false fascination of a media that is completely corrupt – the scribblers writing on the wall of the cave over ancient images & texts, that should offer warning, but do not,

they are less than beasts, beasts feel, you can look in any beasts eyes & see yourself, in the elites eyes, you see nothing except soldiers watching others run towards the pit. fuck them now & forever

cb octobre 2013



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