Christopher Barnett 18 October 2013

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in an interview, i have said that my task, in relation to my mother language, english; was & is not dissimilar to that of paul celan to the german language

paul celan, was at once trying to birth a language cleansed of the tongue of murderers, & to, precisely, annihilate the possibility of that language being murderous again – this was most probably a futile task but it was the only real path

english has been so debased & degraded since the illegal & immoral mass murder of vietnamese, this situation with language exacerbated sharply since the iran contra hearings where the synthesis of all elites, political, cultural & economic in a full partnership with all media, assassinated my mother tongue, transformed into the language of murderers

in this moment, in this time, it is with the greatest difficulty to even listen to my tongue because it carries with itself only mendacity & murder. in the hands of ‘journalists’, commentators, other writers – it has become so deformed, monstrous. so much so that it takes great great effort even to attempt to read people for whom i have respect

french & italian allow me a distance to measure the malignancy of language & that malignancy is malodorous

i do not attempt to rehabilitate the language, the time for that is long gone, i attempt to give human breath a language that can be heard by any ear capable of listening

it is a difficult task, self evidently, because i detest what that language has become & is doomed to be

c b octobre 2013

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